Company benefits for providing a corporate wellness program include improved productivity and morale, reduced absenteeism, lower turnover rate, and in many cases, lowers medical costs.  

I truly look forward to boot camp every week! I used to hate working out, I now literally run to Megan’s class. I’ve noticed that I feel much stronger and have increased endurance. Megan’s helped with my overall posture and form tremendously. After a long day at the office, Megan’s infectiously positive personality and high-energy class is exactly what I need! I highly recommend training with Megan - you won’t regret a minute of it!
— Thomas @RMN

Intuitively, improved staff productivity can have a considerable impact on an organization and its profitability.  Corporate wellness programs tend to improve overall morale, as participating employees develop a team-work spirit and feel better about themselves and their company.  As fitness teams bond, accountability increases and friendships form.  The benefits continue in the creation of a more energetic, positive, and productive workplace.

Top 5 Benefits of SHOWOUT Life Corporate Wellness Program:

  1. Increase staff morale and productivity through stress-relief, teamwork, accountability, and having fun!
  2. Appeal to top talent during recruitment
  3. Educate staff about the benefits of an active lifestyle
  4. Reduce absenteeism, reduce turnover -- increase retention
  5. Fight rising health care costs through preventive healthcare and maintenance

Megan is a perfect mix of Joy and Pain. She recognizes when to encourage you to work harder and when to push you to try new challenges. I am amazed at how strong I’ve become over the last few years. I truly look forward to her workouts. I know that no matter how difficult a day I had at work, I will feel infinitely better after her boot camps.
— Vicki @RMN
Megan makes the hardest and challenging workouts feel easy. Her motivation and strong energy are perfect for this type of training. I always feel like I have someone correcting my posture and always making me reach my greatest potential. I have felt stronger and more willing to take on more challenging weights. Additionally, Megan fosters a social component to the classes that connects you to coworkers you otherwise wouldn’t have met. I look forward to her classes every week. I recommend Megan’s classes to anyone who works at our company.
— Stephania @RMN
I have been training with Megan for almost 4 years and have learned so much from her fitness and nutritional programs, including how to perfect my squats and properly foam roll. Every session with Megan has been challenging and fun. Her uplifting and positive spirit is truly infectious and such a joy to be around. Going to her boot camp is always the highlight of my day!
— Cynthia @RMN
Megan’s shown me a bunch of easy exercises that I can do without fancy equipment. Having her around makes me work harder and have more fun! I’ve gotten stronger and made progress towards my goals since I started taking her classes.
— Adam @RMN

Working out with Megan gives me such a sense of accomplishment. I learned that I can go beyond what I think I’m capable of. I can feel myself growing stronger, and I can’t wait to see myself progress even more.
— Reema @RMN