New Moon

August 23rd, 2017 (actual date written)

I have been reading up on the solar eclipse over the past few weeks before experiencing it on Monday (picture above). To be honest, it was not a big overwhelming moment for me since I live in Austin, and I only saw a partial eclipse. However, when I reflect over the past few months, and this week alone, so much has shifted.


Career changes.
Closed doors to old, toxic friendships.
Opened doors to new and thriving friendships.
100% self-employed.
Moving into my very own space.
Launching new business ideas.
Saying YES to things that scare me.
Leaving a gym and a way of life I’ve known for over 7 years.
Training at Gold’s Gym and getting back to my roots.
Embracing life fully in the way my heart and Showout personality desires.

New moons, as its name suggests, represents the beginning and a sense of newness; great for planting new seeds and ideas. Magic enhanced here is to promote positive potential in a new venture. Full moons have a sense of completion and are abundant with energy.

Monday was not a huge Aha moment, but the events leading up to it, and currently in the making, have been game changers for me. I have more clarity, trust, and faith in the unknown, and what’s in store for me more then ever. I’m excited to let this new chapter continue to transpire and leaving what needs to be left behind in the past.

Did you experience anything on the New Moon? Any shifts or changes taking place in your life?