The best career decision I ever made was making it a non-negotiable to start my day no earlier than noon on Mondays. Being able to sleep in until 9:00 and starting my week off without the crazy hustle of making that 8am meeting or 5:30am client has been a game changer. I don’t dread Mondays, I get to fully enjoy my entire weekend, and I look forward to the week so much more.

I need sleep. Once I finally started getting more sleep and only allowing myself 2x/week of early clients, my quality of life improved ten-fold. The video above nails it on exactly how I function.

My morning ritual is waking up to a peaceful alarm with no snooze, making a cup of coffee, and finding a podcast to listen to while I make breakfast, pack my food for the day, and get ready. No negative energy from the BS on TV. No checking my email. When I brush my teeth, I read affirmations I have written about career, relationships, fitness, and finances and let those words sink in every morning. Whether it’s a 4:15 morning or an 8/9am morning, the same ritual stands.

We all hear how the early morning risers are supposedly the most productive, but I know for a fact that getting good sleep and sleeping until 8 or 9am more days than not has made me a lot more productive. Everyone is wired differently. I know there are individuals out there who kick ass with an early morning start. I coach a few of them, and my dad is that exact person too. Personally, I felt bad for a hot minute when I would turn down clients who wanted to start early on days I told myself were my mornings, but then I saw how I became a better coach, friend, sister, and daughter when I allowed myself to sleep, and also have a life during the week.

Research continues to come out to show how sleep is one of the most important things an individual can do to stay healthy, lose weight, and stay sharp. For the longest time I would tell myself, “You can sleep when you die.” Fast forward to my body pretty much shutting down in 2012, and I learned real fast that mindset does not create a lifestyle of longevity and thriving. I want to be my best self and give my best self to my family, friends, and clients. Knowing now how I tick and what works best for my lifestyle and body is something I will not take lightly ever again.

How are you wired? Are you an early riser and thrive in the morning? Do you stay up later and sleep in to create the best day? What is your morning ritual?