2019 Mantra


If you see a door, enter it. If you see a staircase, climb it. This year I am choosing to move toward my challenges. Showing up and doing the work. Not “please make it easier” but “please let me feel it.”



I am choosing to trust the process of life. From career, to relationships, to health, I am trusting what is to come. Living in a spirit of faith and believing in the process. Trusting that people are good at heart even when things do not go the way I planned. Trusting that this beautiful life will supply all my needs and fulfill my deepest desires. Trusting that as I learn more about nutrition, fitness, and health that I evolve into the best version of myself and can give inspire others.


I am choosing to let go of trying to always be in control. My Type A personality makes this extremely challenging, but I am present to my controlling nature and letting things go one day at a time. Letting go of past hurt. Letting go of damaged relationships. Letting go of a lacking mindset. Letting go of bitterness. Letting go complacency. Letting go of blame.


I am choosing to be abundant in every aspect of my life. Being open to dreaming big and taking big action on growing my business to new heights. Being open to meeting my partner in crime. Being open to saying Yes Yes. Being open to receiving love. Being open to fully owning being a business owner. Being open to meeting new people who I can work and grow with.

Trust. Let Go. Be Open fully encompasses what my heart desires in 2019. Do you have a yearly mantra? If so, share below.

2017 Mantra

January 2nd, 2017 (actual date written)

Lewis Howes had a fun Instagram post today. The 1st 3 words I saw were LOVE-MONEY-HAPPINESS. I am using these 3 words for my 2017 mantra. Each of them fit perfectly with what I want to truly focus on this year.

LOVE Largely - MONEY Maker - HAPPINESS Helper

LOVE Largely. My heart is open and ready to receiving love in all capacities. I want to give love to all my clients, but even more so I want to experience love in the most beautiful and strong way possible. Without love, life seems meaningless.

MONEY Maker. I am an entrepreneur, which naturally means I have a drive to make money. This phrase resonates with me, because I am going to diversify the ways I bring in income and create more opportunities to become financially free. Let's make it rain!!!

HAPPINESS Helper. I want to be more then a fitness/nutrition coach to my clients. I want to bring happiness, light, and joy to their lives every single day. It's my personal happiness project for my life and others.

What is your 2017 mantra? I challenge you to take some time this week and think about what words/phrases resonate with your soul. I have been creating a mantra each year for quite some time and every year it falls right in line with what I get out of the next 365 days.


Over the past 2 weeks I have been thinking about what resonates most with me for my 2016 mantra. Today it hit me. BAMBad Ass Miracle.

What does this mean?

The moments when you consistently are putting in the work with your career, family, training, but you see no difference. BAMBad Ass Miracle happens.

December 10th, 2015 (actual date written0

When life feels like it's falling apart, you're having a mid-life crisis; nothing makes sense. BAMBad Ass Miracle happens.

Life is trucking along. Things look great. You are content with your current circumstances, but God knows He has more in store for you. BAMBad Ass Miracle happens.

The word itself is an onomatopoeia, which means a word that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the source of the sound that it describes. Simply saying "BAM" gets me all fired up! It triggers my emotions and senses, and ups my adrenaline preparing me for a Bad Ass Miracle.

I have goals set out for 2016, but who knows what Bad Ass Miracles are going to happen that my mind cannot even fathom. BAM.