Be Great


As I have gotten older, I see others shrinking to appease others and to make sure they fit in/stick to status quo. Not wanting to piss anyone off, hurt feelings, lose a friendship, get fired from a job, you name it, but over time this has a profound crippling effect not only on your life but on your soul.

As I was driving home the other night a song came on in my car, and I was completely moved with emotion. [Listen to it here]. Maybe it was the lyrics, the timing of listening to the song, or a simple tug on my heart where I was reminded I have a Good, Good Father, who is perfect, loves me, and provides all the answers. In a life full of chaos, it is comforting to know I can come back to home base and do what I do best, LOVE-ENCOURAGE-COACH.

I am challenging myself as well as everyone else to demand more of yourself. Demand more from others. Set big goals. Ask for help. Learn from others. Say thank you. But most importantly, BE GREAT. That is how you were created to be.