Success Story: KASEY


I met Kasey at RetailMeNot about 6 months ago. He was brand new to lifting weights as his background for working out focused more on running. Within a short amount of time of adding in the corporate wellness Boot Camp and Strength Training along with 1x/week small group personal training, he has seen awesome results! Body composition has improved, and he is significantly stronger. From performing 1 strict pull-up to now repping out multiple sets of 8 reps. His back squat has increased by almost 100lb and all his vertical and horizontal presses have gone up. Needless to say, Kasey is a very hard worker with a great attitude. I truly enjoy the days we get to train!

How has small group training help you reach your goals?

Small group training has helped me reach my goals in several ways. The most impactful has been the 1:1 time where I actually learned how to train. Prior to working out with Megan, I had no idea what was what in a gym. Now I feel confident that I can navigate one and not feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. The workouts that Megan puts together are full body and hit most muscles group. I love this because it ensures no muscle is left out.

Body composition results.

Since I started training with Megan, I have put on ~12 pounds. I've gained several inches in various part of my body: Shoulders: 2", Chest: 1/2", Thighs: 2", Arms: 1.5"

List 3 keys to your success.

  • Persistence - Keeping up with the workouts, pushing myself to go, and making it the priority.
  • Megan - Without Megan and her fabulous attitude I wouldn't have felt comfortable going after my goals.  
  • Support - Having a support network that encourages me to work out and be the healthiest I can.

    What have others said is the biggest change in you?

    From a co-worker: YOUR MUSCLES - but seriously, people have definitely noticed a change in my appearance. They can tell I've put in a lot of work :) My friends and family have also said that it has changed my lifestyle. Now I consistently work out 4-5 times a week. Prior to working out, I didn't really used to think about what I ate, now I try to make sure I get a good balance of fats, protein, carbs, etc. 

      Overall, I really love the change that I have seen in my body after several months of small group training. I feel so much better both in my free-time and at work.


      Reset & Restore

      RESET & RESTORE.png

      Every year I do a Reset & Restore with my corporate wellness account, RetailMeNot. It's a 30-day program designed to detox from sugar, processed foods, and give your body the break it needs to fully reset and restore itself and get back on track to feeling great! This is not about weight loss, which will happen naturally, but it's all about being intentional and slowing down for a month. By the end, you will feel rejuvenated, revitalized, and refreshed.

      I am opening up this course to all my local Austin friends and anyone who wants to participate remotely. 


      • January 8th-February 6th --- deadline to register is January 2nd.
      • Weekly Monday Motivation
      • Reset & Restore handout focusing on what foods to eat, water intake, sleep, how to deal with toxins, & eating guidelines  ---This is the game changer!
      • Private Facebook group to answer all questions and provide accountability along the way
      • 10,000 steps daily Google log chart
      • Detox supplementation (additional cost if interested)
      • Educational visit to Barton Creek Farmers Market on January 20th (optional for Austinites)
      • Team dinner at Picnik on Burnet Rd. on January 27th (optional for Austinites)

      Price: $25 (payments via PayPal or Venmo @showoutmeg)
      Email Megan at if interested.