Lewis Howes

Abundant Mindset

Don't count the number of times you get knocked down. Get attached to the number of times you get back up.

I listened to a podcast with Lewis Howes interviewing Lisa Nichols on The Key to Abundance and Success. To date, this is the most powerful podcast I have listened. Maybe it's the timing of hearing it, or the delivery of her message, but I got chill bumps while driving in my car and listening to her speak.

When I think of abundance, I automatically go to wealth, financial freedom, ability to buy/give to others. Lisa takes it a step further and shares the power of an abundant mindset. I had a huge paradigm shift when she shared the following:

I have nothing to prove.
I have nothing to protect.
I have nothing to hide.
I have nothing to defend.
I like me first and every other like is bonus.

WOW. WOW. and WOW. This goes hand in hand with the sermon I heard one Sunday at Austin Ridge. It is so easy to get caught in upholding a certain image, putting on a pretty face to not disappoint, judging others because you think your way is the right way. The list could go on. What it truly comes down to is loving yourself. Loving every raw, beautiful, crazy part of who you are. You can only go as far as you feel worthy.

Lisa shared an exercise she does daily after brushing her teeth. I am going to start this tonight. It's called the I See You exercise. Say each statement out loud and follow with 7 different things.

Megan, I am proud that you....

Megan, I forgive you for...

Megan, I commit to you that...

I challenge you to take on this daily exercise. Celebrate you. Be honest. Cut the shackles. Demand more. Surround yourself with people who breathe life and abundance into your life, challenge you to live large, encourage and enrich you. My prayer is to be that person for everyone I meet.

All the goodness can be found in her new book, Abundance Now. I choose abundance.