Digestion & Gut Health

It’s safe to say that you’re only as healthy as your gut. The gut is the “first line of defense” because 80% of the body’s immune cells are in the gut.

Signs of Poor Digestion:

1. Frequent and prolonged colds and flu- Viruses and bacteria are always around. We don’t just “catch” them. Continually disturbed digestion is a breeding ground for pathogens and decreases our immunity which is when we get sick.

2. Not sweating when you exert yourself

3. Bad breath- “Morning breath” may be common but it is not natural. This comes from undigested food sitting in the intestines where it ferments, providing a breeding ground for disease as well as unpleasant odor and taste.

4. Dull eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and a puffy quality to the face- Signs of undigested food fermenting in the intestines show up quickly in our physical appearance.

5. Allergies and food intolerance- Most people think these are here to stay. We disagree! We have seen numerous clients reverse their intolerance of foods and be finished with allergies. For example, celiac disease and gluten or lactose intolerance are based in consuming foods like wheat and dairy in improper quantity, temperature, and combinations with other foods. As a result, foods that are naturally heavier and require more energy to digest (like cheese and wheat) will seem to be the problem when in fact they are not! We assume only the highest quality of these foods for consumption.

6. Feeling tired and lethargic after a meal

7. A lot of gurgling noises after eating

8. Experiencing a lot of gas

9. Feeling bloated after eating

10. Undigested food particles in stool

11. Constipation

12. Loose bowel movements

Gut Health

Take Action:

  1. Consume fermented foods regularly. I have a couple of spoonfuls of sauerkraut daily and drink Kombucha or Kevita.
  2. Take a probiotic with multiple strains.
  3. Supplement with HCL. This is a game changer, BUT contact me before beginning to ensure you do it properly.
  4. Drink bone broth.

Listen to your gut (no pun intended) and take time this year to get your gut healthy and thrive!