PCOS: Supplements

July 10th, 2012 (actual date written)

I met with Coach Crystal Nelson a few weeks ago and did my very 1st functional test to see what we could find out from a holistic/nutritional standpoint regarding my PCOS.  Crystal recently completed her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner schooling, and I thought what better way to put her work into practice then to help me figure out what the heck is going on with my body. 

Prior to my visit I completed a quiz that took around 30 minutes answering an array of questions, which help to better prepare Crystal for my initial in-house appointment. At our visit she performed different tests all over my body, and I let her know the pain level at each place on a scale of 1-10. I was surprised at how many points on my body that caused extreme pain.  This form of testing is called lingual-neuro testing.

Once the initial testing was done, she then had me put different supplements on my tongue to dissolve and then we re-tested the same spots that scored high on the first test. I was floored when a point in my abdomen dropped from a 10 to a 2 by only taking a supplements and immediately feeling a difference.  That is how you know what you are putting in your body is working the moment it touches your tongue. I found out shortly after MDs learn this form of testing in medical school yet do not do it because it takes too long. Go figure. 

After it was all said and done I am officially on ton of supplements; however, the goal is to eventually wean off a lot of them and to get my body functioning back to full capacity. Here's the list:

  • Beta Plus: improves gallbladder function
  • HCL-Plus
  • Colon-Plus: helps support GI function
  • Equi-Fem: support female endocrine function. I also like to think of this as my multi-vitamin
  • Livotrit Plus: support for healthy liver metabolism
  • BioDoph-7 Plus: probiotic
  • Iodine Forte: testing my iodine levels was one of the craziest tests to me. Crystal colored a yellow square on my forearm and told me to let her know when it faded away. Ideally, the yellow square should have stayed until later the next day; however, mine faded within 2 hrs due to my lack of iodine and my body literally sucking it up.
  • b-Vital: increase testosterone
  • Intenzyme Forte: little pac-man that literally break down cysts
  • Ca-D Glucarate: Works to detox estrogens
  • BioPause-AM: Increases progesterone. Contains chaste berry & other herbs I discussed in a previous post.
  • Vitamin D- I am using Pure encapsulations 10,000 IU found at People's Rx.

I cannot say enough how great I have felt with only being on the supplements for a little over a week. I am following up with Crystal to re-test everything at the end of the month to see how I am responding. Now that's the kind of "doctor" I want to help me.

Vitamin D


Ohhhhhhh daylight savings might be the bane of my existence. That might be a little extreme, but this time of the year is challenging for me until I get in the swing of the early sunset and lack of daily sunshine. This is where vitamin D is critical for health, energy, and happiness!

It is estimated anywhere from 80-90% of the American population is deficient in vitamin D. Below are 3 reasons why it is vital to have adequate vitamin D levels. 

#1: Stronger Bones- When you think of strong bones, calcium often comes to mind. Calcium is the major player when it comes to bone health and increasing bone mineral density, but don't overlook the importance of vitamin D. 

Previous research has shown that vitamin D is a strong stimulator of calcium deposition in bones, making them stronger and healthier. If you're not getting enough vitamin D, your body begins to slow or stop depositing calcium into bones, eventually drawing calcium out from your bones back into the bloodstream. Over time, this constant cycle of deposit and withdrawal will make your bones weak and at high risk for fractures.

Did you know that before we knew about Vitamin D, tuberculosis patients were sent to sanitariums.  They were prescribed lots of sunlight which they believed cured the tuberculosis.  #solarpowered

#2: Improved Immunity- Helps to reduce upper respiratory infections in both summer and winter. Vitamin D also reduces inflammation in the body, making it important for people with many health conditions like diabetes, infertility, autoimmunity, or metabolic syndrome.   

#3 Happiness!- For those of you that follow me, you know I am the lover of all things sunshine; hence, my nickname of Sun Goddess (see Halloween costume picture above). One of the easiest ways to increase vitamin D is to get outside and enjoy the natural sunlight, which promotes happiness and emotional stability. It is common for people to get depressed, anxious, SAD (aka: Seasonal Affective Disorder) during the winter due to the lack of sunshine.

It is recommended to get 20 minutes of sunshine without sunscreen on the skin daily to promote increased vitamin D absorption. Nix the sunglasses for 20 minutes too as the the sun rays need to hit your eyes for optimal absorption. 

I highly recommend to get your vitamin D levels tested. If you are feeling low on energy, it could be an easy fix by increasing vitamin D supplementation. During the winter months, I take 5000IU daily with breakfast. If you are extremely low, mega-dosing could be an option, but make sure to work with a practitioner before proceeding, because vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin so it is important not to take too much, since the body does store some.