2018 Power Statement

Every year I come up with a power statement that I hold close to my heart and use as a daily reminder for my intention for the year. I set an alarm on my cell at 1:11 to stop, look up to heaven, have a moment of gratitude, and say my power statement. This year's power statement is I SEEK FREEDOM FOR LIFE.

When you find yourself hiding, ducking, running, you are ‘seeking freedom FROM life.’ Summon the vitality to look the other way and move toward your hopes and dreams.
— https://yeahdave.com/books/

One of the books I read this year was, "Happy is the New Healthy," that my dear friend gave me. It's 31 chapters that you can read in any order, and each chapter ends with a meditate and celebrate. The statement above truly resonated with me. Over the past year I made a major career change and decided to once and for all be 100% my own boss and run Showout Life as its own entity. I grew up a bit more too and got my very own apartment for the first time since I have lived in Austin. It's all been very empowering yet simultaneously scary.

I SEEK FREEDOM FOR LIFE means I am consistently making choices that provide freedom in relationships, career, finances, travel, love, weekend fun, all of it! All the ideas and goals I have written down are avenues to unlock freedom for life. I am choosing to not hide in fear and run away from big opportunities. I SEEK FREEDOM FOR LIFE.

What is your power statement for 2018?