Growth Oriented vs Goal Oriented

For anyone that knows me, they know I am a big believer in goal setting. I started this practice at a young age due to my involvement in sports. My mom and dad encouraged us to set goals for what we wanted to accomplish that year in the respective sports we were competing. I saw the fruits of my labor at a young age by simply having a focused set of goals, and a plan to get there.

Growth vs Fixed

Now as an adult, I continue to implement the same SMART goal setting tools I used as an adolescent. However, there are times I find myself paralyzed in the process. Is this a scary enough BigHairyAudaciousGoal (BHAG)? Am I too caught up in the steps to get there? Am I still living life to the fullest while chasing after my dreams? Are my goals too selfish? Am I living large? Does reaching this goal define me? These are some of the questions that enter my mind when mapping out my goals.

This is where a growth-oriented mindset has been a paradigm shift for me. I must remain a continual learner and remain growth oriented. I think of SMART goals as being my actions steps as a growth oriented person, and it frees me from placing blame and getting stuck in achieving my dreams.

Below are 15 Benefits of the Growth Mindset. Check out this article to read in greater detail about each benefit.

  1. Enjoy life, even when you're not good at it
  2. Improve your self-insight and self-esteem
  3. Improve your relationships
  4. Never feel stupid when learning
  5. Never stress about being perfect
  6. Strengthen your confidence
  7. Lower your risk of depression
  8. Be better at taking responsibility for your life
  9. See single events as just that
  10. Increase your resilience to labels and stereotypes
  11. See setbacks as useful
  12. Ditch the stress from constantly trying to prove yourself
  13. Enjoy putting in time and effort, rather then fearing them
  14. Improve your company
  15. Avoid feelings of superiority

I am encouraged to see myself relating with well over half of these benefits. Are you goal oriented or growth oriented? Why?