Give yourself permission to...

Maybe it's all the New Year hoopla with lose weight, feel great, reach your goals that has people in a frenzy, but I have noticed a trend among my clients of being extremely hard on themselves. I am a huge advocate of working hard to reach your goals, being diligent, and you get out what you put in; however, there also needs to be room for some self-love.

Give yourself permission to just be. Enjoy the moment. Savor the delicious meal you prepared. When you have a treat, enjoy every single bite of it. I encourage my clients to change their language around food. When you view certain foods as bad or a cheat meal, an entire array of negative emotions also start to associate with this behavior. Over time it can become a vicious cycle and gets you no where closer to your goals. I choose to use treat instead of cheat.

Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a hug. Look in the mirror and thank God for the body you have and all that you are capable of doing. Remember, life is a journey not a destination. We are constantly growing and learning, so give yourself a break and live life. Your heart, soul, and mind will thank you.