F*ck happiness

May 7th, 2015 (actual date written)

I read an article titled, 12 Simple Mantras for when we don't feel that Great. I want to elaborate on the first point because it really struck a cord with me.

F*ck happiness. Right now, I want contentment.

As described above, we can’t avoid feeling sad at times. Ironically, we might be happy about several things and sad about others at the same time. Both are temporary. Both are fleeting. But we can be permanently content. Yes, that’s right, we can be content with everything in our life, even with our sadness. If we always find a way to be okay with what we’re experiencing, then we’re always ensuring that we’re at peace.

I always battle with contentment and ambition. When I first hear the word, contentment, my brain wants to think complacency, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Webster's Dictionary defines contentment as a state of happiness and satisfaction. Having both happiness and satisfaction is key. One without the other makes me say, "F*ck happiness." My personality is go-go, non-stop, get things done. Rest means competition is beating you. Don't slow down. Make things happen. Move and shake. I love being this way; however, too much of anything is not a good thing.

When I read the statement above it caused a paradigm shift. I can still be the Type A, crazy, non-stop traits that I possess, but at the root of it comes contentment. When I am content, new opportunities come my way. I am present. I listen. I have a heart of gratitude. I want less and give more. I do not feel the need to always be happy but content and thankful. This takes a HUGE amount of weight and stress off my shoulders and allows me to be and live freely.

What's mantra/phrase/statement resonates with you?