2017 Mantra

January 2nd, 2017 (actual date written)

Lewis Howes had a fun Instagram post today. The 1st 3 words I saw were LOVE-MONEY-HAPPINESS. I am using these 3 words for my 2017 mantra. Each of them fit perfectly with what I want to truly focus on this year.

LOVE Largely - MONEY Maker - HAPPINESS Helper

LOVE Largely. My heart is open and ready to receiving love in all capacities. I want to give love to all my clients, but even more so I want to experience love in the most beautiful and strong way possible. Without love, life seems meaningless.

MONEY Maker. I am an entrepreneur, which naturally means I have a drive to make money. This phrase resonates with me, because I am going to diversify the ways I bring in income and create more opportunities to become financially free. Let's make it rain!!!

HAPPINESS Helper. I want to be more then a fitness/nutrition coach to my clients. I want to bring happiness, light, and joy to their lives every single day. It's my personal happiness project for my life and others.

What is your 2017 mantra? I challenge you to take some time this week and think about what words/phrases resonate with your soul. I have been creating a mantra each year for quite some time and every year it falls right in line with what I get out of the next 365 days.