The Shift

February 11th, 2014 (actual date written)

I have finally hit a turning point with PCOS. A shift has taken place, and I can feel it in all aspects of my body.

Rewind to June 2012, and I had my 1st nutritional therapy appointment with Crystal Bold. At this point in time I was literally at wits end. I had read every blog out there about PCOS, tried a million natural organic potions, and NEXTed every doctor in Austin who tried to tell me I needed to be on birth control and Metformin to "regulate my cycle." I was at a lost. Thankfully, Crystal and I coached together so I trusted her and gave her a call.


The graph above shows where I was in June 2012 (red line) and where I am as of Monday (blue dotted line). The essence behind nutritional therapy is starting at the core of the symptoms. Think of it as cutting an onion in half and peeling it back one layer at a time. The chart starts with Upper GI and then moves through various areas of the body and ends with the Immune System. The goal is to get all levels at a low priority and as close to the bottom line as possible. You start by addressing 1 or 2 symptoms-- the ones closest to the left of the graph that are high priority-- and then start chipping away. Initially, I went to Crystal to get help with PCOS but little did I know the 1st thing we had to address was my gut health.

Over the past year and a half, I have improved everywhere! The only area that has become a moderate priority is my Women Only area, which is good thing considering where I was before. As you can see from the graph, my gut was a mess, my adrenals were shot, I was not absorbing my vitamins & minerals, and my body did not process sugar. Let alone, my pituitary glands and kidney & bladder were completely taxed. Every medical doctor I went to wanted to jump the gun and address only the Endocrine (Women Only) part of the graph, when in all reality, that was one of the last things I needed to address to heal my body.

Here I am now and feeling better and more alive than ever. My body is functioning normally. I wake up with energy. My skin is clear again. My clothes are fitting better. PCOS is not ruining/controlling my life and thoughts. My taxi light is back on!

What I have learned is there is no quick fix. This is a process--> removing thermogenics/caffeine; drinking fluoride-free water; eating organically; only taking supplements my body needs and not one's for a quick fix; getting more sleep; and living in a space of gratitude and contentment. I have been working my ass off by simply taking care of my body day in and day out with little or no change for a year. I just believed deep down inside things were going to shift, and they did.

For all of you ladies going through this battle, I want to leave you with a glimmer of hope. I have been there, and I am still there. But take heart, you can do this. Believe in the process. Be consistent. And, be thankful you are alive to tell your story.