FOCUS, Ladies

February 26th, 2014 (actual date written)

I have been making some changes in my diet over the past 6 months. Adding back more carbohydrates, specifically from sweet potato, butternut squash, and fruit; while eating less protein and less fat. Above is a picture of my breakfast this morning--> eggs, Longhorn beef/sausage, spinach, sweet potato, green onion, salsa, and avocado (everything was from the Farmers Market too except the avocado). I have been too low carb for way too long. I knew something was not right when everything I used to do was not working.

I was thinking back when I first started doing CrossFit over 5 years ago, and I ate an array of fruit and consumed some sweet potatoes and felt and looked great. Then, my thought process switched to if I ate less carbs, stuck to only greens/low glycemic carbs, and consume lots of protein and fat, I could get even more lean. I mean that is what the research shows. And it worked! Fast forward to 2 years of doing that and it back fired. Adrenal fatigue, not recovering, and gaining weight.

Stephanie, an RD and Trainer with Robb Wolf's crew, wrote an incredible article-- Females, Carbohydrates, and Hormones. You can read the entire article HERE. In a nutshell, she said everything I have been saying while having more research to back it up.

FOCUS LADIES: If you have been eating super clean, on point with your workouts, and still not getting the results you want, then your carbohydrate intake could be a missing piece of the equation when it comes to balancing your female hormones, losing weight, recovering from exercise, supporting your thyroid, boosting your energy, and so much more.

Here I am now with 6 months of adding back some good carbohydrates to my diet and I feel and look better. Clothes that I could not wear last year are fitting again, and my energy is back. I call that a win/win!