July 28, 2016
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August 12, 2016


AffirmationsAffirmation is defined as emotional support or encouragement. Over the past few months I have been reading daily affirmations while I brush my teeth in the morning. It’s been an easy add-on to my day, because clearLLLLLy I am going to brush my teeth, but now it is a very intentional 2 minutes. I have 11 index cards with powerful statements written on them that encompass exactly what I want in, for, and a part of my life. I fully believe if you cannot see yourself having something or being someone then there is no way it will become a reality. There is a powerful connection that goes from the heart, to the mind, to fruition.

The picture above is a screenshot of what I read daily. I put the note card on the top of the stack each morning based on what my main focus is for that day. This 2-minute practice has been a game changer for me! I have seen transformations in my relationships, business, and spiritual life. I view myself in a different light. I am thankful and love my body more then I ever have. I see myself as more then a personal trainer & nutrition coach, but a business owner.

Do you have a daily practice? If so, share below in the comments section. If not, I challenge you to pick 3 areas of your life you want to focus on and write an affirmation and read it daily. Check back in 30 days and let me know what has changed!

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