Booty, Legs, Squats
May 11, 2016
Daily Morning Detox
July 15, 2016

Last weekend 4 of my corporate wellness clients (Vivian, Rachel, Michael, and Shannon) from RetailMeNot competed at Garage Gym Throwdown along with a fellow employee, Brad. It was the very first competition like this for Vivian and Rachel, and I could not have been a more proud coach! Vivian and Rachel have been personal training with me for over 6 months along with weekly corporate wellness classes and are stronger, faster, and more fit, and definitely put their fitness to the test last Saturday. Shannon and Michael I see anywhere from 1x to 2x per week in our on-site corporate wellness class, and they always show up ready to work hard.

This event is not for the faint at heart (see video). From firehose runs and pulls; to sandbag sprints, squats, and lunges; to slam ball gut carries; to barbell thrusters, kettlebell swings, dumbbell snatches, and burpees, this workout tested everyone’s physical and mental strength. I always encourage my clients to participate in some form of competition as it pushes you outside your comfort zone, requires you to dig deep and see what you are made of, and gives you a glimpse of what your body is capable of when you think you cannot do anymore. I believe the mental aspect of training trickles into work, family, and personal life, and you are stronger and better because of it. All 5 of these athletes did a phenomenal job and stepped up to the challenge!

I have no doubt I will be seeing them participate in future events to test their limits and have fun! Well done, team! You guys crushed it like a BOSS.



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