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April 7, 2016
Like a BOSS
June 27, 2016

PRs (personal records) across the board! Vivian, Jennifer, and Rachel (pictured above) started personal training with me less then 6 months ago and have seen huge strength gains and body composition improvements. Today we tested their 1 rep max (RM) for the back squat. Over the past few months I have been developing a base for these gals so they were primed and ready to handle a heavy load on their back and squat it to full depth. Jennifer and Rachel were brand new to using a barbell, and Vivian had a few years of experience under her belt. Needless to say their training age was not in a place for me to put them under heavy loads and find a 1RM on their first week of training.

Rachel joined me in November and was barely squatting to parallel and could handle 85lbs on her back. Vivian and Jennifer joined the group in February. Jennifer was struggling to stay in her heels and squat 55lbs on her back for 5x. Vivian came with some lifting experience, but hit a personal best today!

Vivian- 135lb — 15lb PR
Jennifer- 155lb — ~100lb PR
Rachel- 150lb — ~75lb PR

I am so proud of these ladies! They come in week after week, work hard, and take care of their bodies, and the results are showing! Over the next 6 weeks we will be hitting a squat cycle and will re-test to see the improvements. Seeing beautiful women exude strength is one of the most rewarding things to experience. I firmly believe this confidence carries over in the work place and relationships for the better. There were ALLLLL the high fives, jumping for joy, and celebrating after we ended our session today. I also know we have some booty and legs that are looking great and going to be even more on fleek come the end of June!

Who is ready for the same results and fun?!?

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