March 28, 2016
Booty, Legs, Squats
May 11, 2016

Athlete and dear friend, Carly, took on a 100-Day Challenge. The goal was to color in a block for each day that she moved for 30 minutes. Carly walked, did spin, swam, went to Barre, and came to Relentless Boot Camp 2x/week for 100 consecutive days! Even on days she was traveling, Carly found the time to at least go for a 30 minute walk. No excuses and simply taking action.

Carly writes to me and her bestie, “Thank you wonderful ladies for carrying me to 100 Days! I am so blessed and filled with love for you guys, my cheerleaders and my motivation!”

100 DaysIt goes hand in hand with the slight edge philosophy that I share with so many of my clients and coaches. Was is it difficult for Carly to get up and be active 30 minutes a day? NO. But, it also was just as easy to not get up and workout. Would she see a profound impact on day 1? NO. But, over time the days of not doing anything would start to compound and the negative impact would become huge. Slight Edge philosophy: Success is easy, but so is failure. It’s doing small and simple things continuously over time.

Carly took her goal and ran with it! Today marked 100 days. In celebration, all my classes did the Relentless version of Horrible Hundred. Everyone grabbed a partner and completed the following workout as a team.

Relentless Horrible Hundred
100 push ups
100 lunges (L+R=1)
100 shoulder taps (L+R=1)
100 goblet squats
100 situps
100 russian swings
100 ball slams
100 push press
100 jumping jacks
100 burpees
*Partner 1 ran 25m down and 25m back and picked up where Partner 2 was on the rep scheme. All 100 reps were completed before moving to the next exercise.

The best part of class was everyone finished the last 10 burpees with Carly. It was a testament to true camaraderie and teamwork. I am thankful for the supportive athletes I coach. Well done, Carly!

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