Meg’s Monday Motivation
July 6, 2015
Up the ante!
August 5, 2015

I could not be more thrilled of Oscar and Anne who attend my corporate wellness class at RetailMeNot each week. They both were chosen as the Wellness MVP for July. These 2 have been attending our corporate wellness boot camp since last April and never miss a class. They always show up and work hard, improving their skill sets, inviting their friends, and clearly have fun. Their consistency shows in their physical results too! A big shout and congratulations to Anne and Oscar!

Fellow colleagues at RMN write the following—

Oscar– “He has been a consistent participant in the Spin and Crossfit classes, and always has a positive attitude encouraging others to show up to the classes. In June he also completed in the Spartan race at Cowboys stadium!”

Anne – “Anne truly exemplifies wellness.  She has a spirit of never giving up and never making excuses.  Not only does she do CrossFit weekly, she also signed up for a Wednesday running club.  In fact, she was just interviewed by the Statesman. Check it out HERE. She runs no matter WHAT – even in blazing temperatures and in pouring down rain.  She has also entered and finished several 5Ks and other Austin races this year.”

Well done to my 2 MVPs! If you and/or your company are looking for the same results and motivation, then reach out to me at




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