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May 13, 2015
Meg’s Monday Motivation
July 6, 2015

Whitney’s Wedding Day Success

Whitney is one of my closest friends. We started our CrossFit journey together 7 years ago! Due to injuries, she’s had to take some time off but has been back going strong for the past year. Whitney is my success story for the week based on all she’s been through and how kick ass she’s doing in Relentless Boot Camp. Her story below says it all. Well done my Goddess!

Whitney writes–
I’ve tried so many different ways of staying in shape (barre, yoga, circuit training classes, etc.) and every time I wander away from the boot camps at Relentless I always come running right back! Getting engaged last year I wanted to make sure that I was in shape and ready to rock a wedding dress and of course, the honeymoon! I started back with Megan’s boot camp twice a week and started seeing changes within 4-6 weeks. One year later I can say that I am 100% happy with how I looked and more importantly, how I felt – healthy, energetic, strong!

Over the last year I dropped 2 clothing sizes and have increased muscle from head to
toe. Healing from an injury to my left shoulder/neck area I’ve still seen an increase in
strength in my upper body, my core, and definitely in the lower body! One of the great things training with Megan is that she knows my past injuries and always has an alternative ready for me if needed.

I equate my success to having a fantastic community of people to keep me accountable and on track; a rock star coach (Megan) that knows my injuries and can still program kick ass workouts; and eating clean with a balanced approach.

My friends have seen the biggest change in my energy, strength, and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. My motivation to get back into training with Relentless was very much about looking good in a wedding dress and all the photos, but once I was back in class I realized there are 3 factors that have to be there for me to stay focused on living a healthy, fit, active life:
1. Eating clean and healthy (at least most of the time).
2. Relentless Boot Camp style workouts (I need the combo of running and weights!)
3. A community of people that encourage you, help you reach your goals, and that celebrates each success with you like it is their own (this is the key ingredient for me!).


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