F*ck happiness
May 7, 2015
2nd place
May 13, 2015

ANNE! I am so proud of this lady. She started the corporate wellness boot camp with me at RetailMeNot on April 22nd and added on personal training shortly after. Last month marked a year of us working together, and it shows.

Over the past year Anne has lost over 22 inches and 7% body fat!

Anne’s story–

I’m lucky enough to see Megan more than she probably would like…between corporate wellness and boot camp 2x/week at the office, plus 1:1 coaching – this past 13 months has not only completely changed my body and my attitude toward myself, but more importantly has become a way of life. Something I could have never said even 2 years ago. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!

Anne came to me well into her fitness journey and we upped the ante and took her to a new level. She is now stronger, leaner, and faster then she’s ever been! Clients like this lady make me so thankful to do what I do daily. I can’t wait to see where she is next year at this time! Who’s next?!?

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