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March 4, 2015
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April 21, 2015

Wellness MVP

A big shout out to my personal training client— Hannah! Each month at RetailMeNot the employees nominate someone who they think deserves the Wellness MVP. The March Wellness MVP winner went to Hannah! I can speak first hand that Hannah shows up each week ready to put in the work on and off the track. This lady exudes health and wellness. Congrats Hannah! Photo credit: Control Images by Roy Moore. Check out her nomination write up by a co-worker below.

I would like to nominate the 100 percent fit Hannah Gayle to be March’s MVP. I’ve been working with her for four years now, so I met her right around the time she started her roller derby career. Her commitment to her sport is fierce. She has practices multiple times a week, including one every Friday night.
Now, this is where things go from “whoa” to “badass.” So if you’ve seen Hannah, you know she’s tiny. It’s hard to imagine her pummeling her way through the derby scene, but she’s making it happen. To get strong, she started training with RetailMeNot’s own CrossFit trainer, Megan Parsons, last year. Hannah’s transformation is legit. Check it out here. Hannah’s body is now only 15.5% fat (look at those muscles)! She’s stopped drinking lattes and eating sweets. Her diet is 90% Paleo, and she’s cut out all sugars except for fruits and veggies. Occasionally, she’ll treat herself to raw honey or real maple syrup. 
And for the grand finale … at the end of March she tried out for TXRD and made it! Her derby name is Hannthrax. Woot, woot!

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