January 27, 2014
February 4, 2014

Tips to Prevent Sprint Injury

As a lot of you know, I love track work! It’s short, fast, and therapeutic for me. You can find my weekly track WODs HERE.

Today I came across a blog post from Mark Sisson on 19 Tips to Avoid Injury During Sprints. Go HERE to read the entire article.

  1. Raise your body temperature
  2. Don’t static stretch before
  3. Instead, do dynamic stretches
  4. Do dynamic stretches before, but not too many
  5. Do a few depth jumps
  6. Do a few trial ramp up runs
  7. Use proper technique
  8. Only run barefoot if fee are conditioned
  9. Never run barefoot on rubberized tracks
  10. Stop while you’re ahead
  11. Optimize your rest intervals
  12. Sprint when fully recovered from the last workout
  13. Choose the right surface
  14. Don’t sprint on a treadmill
  15. If you got prior history of hamstring pulls, knee pain, or other lower body injuries, favor hill sprints over flat sprints
  16. Don’t neglect eccentric strength training movements
  17. Cool down
  18. Use a lacrosse ball, foam roller, or other self myofascial release tool at night
  19. Choose the right vehicle for sprinting

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