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June 6, 2013
June 12, 2013


I made my 1st trip to Picnik last week. This quaint trailer located on S. Lamar is a coffee-lover and Paleo/Primal foodie’s heaven.

The entire menu is paleo, gluten-free and grain-free. They do not use any refined sugar, only wildflower honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar dates or extract from the stevia plant.

They do not use any form of vegetable oil/canola oil/sunflower seed oil/liquid tar. All dressings and mayo are made with olive oil, and baked goods are made with coconut oil. Their philosophy is right in line with mine— living without grains is living with abundance, so the only ‘flour’ they use is coconut flour or almond meal.

They have a few items on the menu that contain dairy, but it is always optional. They serve the finest non-denatured whey protein and have individually packaged, local cheese that is kept separate from the salads for customer convenience and satisfaction. They also have grass-fed butter or ghee, which is a delicious addition to their coffee.

The coffee is proudly sourced from Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, winner of 2013 Roaster of the Year from Roast Magazine. Based on the teachings of Dave Asprey of The Bulletproof Executive, Picnik makes their coffee bulletproof® by using upgraded™ cacao butter, MCT oil, vanilla and cacao powder.

They also source local and organic ingredients whenever possible. All of their food packaging is 100% compostable, and they have cold-pressed juice on tap to prevent oxidation, preserve nutritional content and maximize sustainability.

With that being said– a partnership with Picnik and Relentless Boot Camp makes total sense. Over the next 3 months, Relentless Boot Camp is hosting free workouts on Saturday in front of the Picnik trailer.

June 22nd at 8:30am
July 13th at 8:30am
August 10th at 8:30am

I can’t wait to see you there and enjoy The Yeti post-workout!

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